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Tracking the EPF Status by SMS

Are you worried about tracking your Employee Provident Fund? Well, if you have retired and still a few months has passed away, it is the right time to track your Employee Provident Fund. However it is not just always true that you have to track down the Employee Provident Fund Status by running from one office to other. With the help of the Employee Provident Fund Organization, India, there are lots more of other options which you can take the help of for tracking the correct Employee Provident Fund Status by sitting at your home. If you are likely at your home and willing to track it down click here, just grab your cell phone and take the opportunity of tracking the Employee Provident Fund Status with the SMS Service. To know the EPF balance status equalization through SMS, you need to send a SMS. The SMS is sent in the offered configuration to the predetermined number. The Number to get SMS of EPF equalization is– 7738 299 899.

Here is a quick guide for it:

Here are some of the steps which you have to follow:


Step 1:

It gives your name and date of birth. You would know any blunder in your records. Hence, you can amend it on-time.

Step 2:

It additionally tells about the connected KYC records. It can be a technique to get the status of your KYC report verification status.

Step 3:

It additionally tells whether bank point of interest is accessible with EPFO or not.

Step 4:

You would likewise know the last commitment month and sum.

Thus knowing the EPF status and EPF claim enquiry is just so easy and you need to take the help of a proper guide in order to know the status. But you must ensure one thing that the phone number from which you are sending the sms should be the same from that of the given details. All that you have to do is to follow the step by step guide in order to accomplish the correct status. Though there are many more ways to track down the EPF status, there is a lot more that you can take the help of!

Mobile banking

Smart Tips to Use Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Tips

If you want to know how to used mobile banking then read our articles. This is the guest post by Here you can get smart tips to use mobile banking.

Mobile phone nowadays is playing an important role in our daily life. With technological enhancement mobile phones took a new place be it buying daily groceries online, selling, shopping, but the most vital role it is playing in our daily banking need.

Most of the recognized national and private banks are offering mobile banking facilities. This helps to do banking from anywhere and everywhere you want to transfer money, to pay your utility bills, to pay someone instead of cash or cheque, moreover with mobile banking it is very easy to know your account balance. With the help of mobile banking you can pay ICICI credit card bill payment.

Mobile banking

But as we all know that the more the technology gets advanced there is a lot of risk involved in it, though all the banks have a layers of security still we need to apply our common sense and stay informed about the threats of mobile banking. Also we need to ensure certain basic safeguards to avoid any kind of misuse to be happened. There are some safety tips to be followed for smart use of Mobile Banking:

It is always advisable to install the application provided by bank through bank’s official website only and then access the account. You should avoid accessing banking via smartphone’s browser.

Mobile Banking App

The app downloaded should always be protected by a password or a numeric Pin no. should never use any obvious password like Date of Birth of any of your family members, or anniversary dates etc. it needs to be unique which can never be guessed easily. It is very important to change the password frequently.

Using public Wi-Fi networks for bank transactions can lead to a trouble also it is better to turn off the Bluetooth connection when not in use. These actually can help the eavesdroppers capturing your transaction and hacking your smartphone data.

Transfer money

Updating the banking application is a must do whenever a new version is available. It is best to give permission to auto update the application as and when latest versions are released.

Automatic logins should be avoided, this may be very convenient but if it is in wrong hands can be very dangerous, also if in case of lost or stolen anyone can have access to all your bank details.

Bank send numeral messages which includes transaction messages, account balance and many a times one-time (OTP) for validating any transaction done online, all those should be cleared from mobile phone periodically.

It’s quite evident that banking through mobile is much easier and has gained popularity, hence there is a chance that it will break the boundaries and will come up with many more new features to make it easier in near future. But with convenience we the smart phone users have an added responsibility to keep the technology safe from being mishandled or misused.

“Hint: Find any details of icici bank branches from

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EPF Status through Passbook

You can examine the EPF account status from multiple perspectives. In the latest couple of years the EPFO initiated a policy of numerous offices to ask about the EPF equalization. As of late, it’s got propelled a flexible application and missed call status request administration. These are the immense endeavors, so we ought to value it. A few years back EPFO was moderate to take delivery of the innovation, yet now it’s getting up to speed. After a few computerized activities, now EPFO has diverse strategies to examine the EPF equalization. You can utilize any one of these techniques to monitor your retirement sparing.

Before UAN Login gateway, the part entry was a great venue to download the PF passbook. If you need to download the PF passbook you only need to go to the online portal and after that get it done. The part entry is less demanding to function. It is still valuable in specific circumstances.
Step 1:
If you’ve got overlooked the UAN secret key or couldn’t login in the UAN entry, the part entryway is usually valuable.
Step 2:
The part gateway doesn’t require any additional data for passbook download. Just you’re looking for the PF number.
Step 3:
To look into the PF balance status online parity with the Member gateway you could have to enroll along with it. Enrollment is basic and necessitates the point of interest from a KYC archive.
Step 4:
This entrance doesn’t need secret word to login. The KYC record number and versatile number is sufficient login.

Step 5:
After the login, click here download the PF passbook inside the wake of giving PF number. A onetime secret word can be sent to your versatile number for verification.
As stated earlier there are a lot of things which can help you in investigating the EPF Status to meet your needs. All that you might have to do would be to download the EPF status passbook wisely through the online portal and share your details to trace it. Indeed there are a variety of things which supports you to monitor the EPF Status.


How to Verify LIC Policy Status Online

Now anyone around the world can see their LIC policy status online using its online official portal. This becomes very difficult for all to go at LIC policy office and ask to check the current status of LIC to employee. But now you are free to see your LIC policy premium status online using website. This provides all the information like what is your premium, how much premium is paid, how much premium is pending. Almost all types of information can be availed through LIC policy status link. There are certain norms and regulations to find the actual premium or investment in your LIC policy. You can follow the simple guidelines and get the super easy network for showing the current premium or premium information online.


Online Registration Procedure of LIC

o If you do not possess the online id and password of LIC you can register online through LIC e-service web.

o Click on the New User link and fill in the required details on the boxes appeared.

o Now click on proceed button and you are registered online.

o You need to create your log in id and password to check the premium status online.


How to Trace LIC policy status online

o First of all open the official website.

o Now enter the registered id and password you have given to enter in the boxes.

o This is the only proof from where you can open the LIC policy status link.

o Now click on the “GO” button for the further process.

o Policy Tools link will appear please click on this link.

o Here you will see all kind of LIC policy list and pay LIC policy premium online.

o You need to choose the policy you are searching, click on this.

o You can also check the vested bonus by clicking on the vested bonus link.

There are so many other things like you can do online payment of premiums through this official website. You can also check EPF about how much premium is taxable and also get the other information about loans and bonus points given by the LIC organization. By far this is an instant way to get the ultimate inquire about your LIC premium status.




Check Aadhar Status Offline by SMS or Phone Number

Aadhar card is a big venture of government to get the unique and individual ID to each and every resident of India. From 0 ages to 100 years every age and every gender is applicable to have this free cost service of getting Aadhar card. Govt. of India has launched a UIDAI site, which helps you in getting the prior appointment to register for Aadhar card and showing the status of Aadhar card too. But in some areas some people do not possess internet connection. For their help UIDAI is one step ahead put the Aadhar SMS service, from where a person can identify the status of Aadhar card through text message. It is a reliable source where a person can get the actual information about how much time it will take to make the Aadhar card or what difficulty is coming in between making updated Aadhar card status. You will be provided instant text message once you send your enrollment no to registered No.

If you want the detailed information about how to apply or send SMS for Aadhar status, you are at the right place. Here we are going to give you the whole procedure of how you can check status of Aadhar card. Please follow it here as under.

Open the write message column in the phone

To check the status you will require the 14 digit application no you will be given when you completed the enrollment process.

Now type UID STATUS< 14 digit no> in the write message text

Send it to 51969

For example if you UID Status 12345678997

Ignore /” from the ID no and send it to 51969


so now anywhere from around India you can easily get the quick status of Aadhar card through Mobile SMS. if you are not getting the proper answer you can also check the site. Log in to this site and get the link of Aadhar UIDAI status. Type your enrollment no, mobile no and name and submit it. Your Aadhar card status is available on screen.




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Track NSDL PAN Status Online

Have you applied for your PAN card through NSDL? You can check status of your PAN card application using the procedure elaborated here. PAN card is a unique alpha numeric code issued on individual basis. It is difficult to avoid the PAN card considering its importance in various governmental and non-governmental facilities. Besides a mandatory document for firms and some individuals, it is also a powerful proof of identity. If you have applied for PAN through status of NSDL pan card, you can check your application status through nsdl portal.

The online procedure will just take few seconds. Just go through the instructions we have shared here. NSDL portal offers wide range of online services. Hence, it can be difficult if you are not aware of the precise procedure. Check the way of checking your PAN card application status at tin-nsdl.


How to Check PAN Card Application Status

Keep your acknowledgement number to check Pan card status online at NSDL:

1. Visit the portal.

2. Under the services, click Track PAN Status option.

3. Select the application type as PAN.

4. Type the 15 digits acknowledgement number.

5. Enter your name exactly as mentioned in your application.

6. Select the date of birth.

7. If you have applied for PAN for your company or partnership firm, select the date of incorporation of date of partnership deed.

After filling up all the details, click the ‘submit’ button to know your Pan card status. The status message will clearly indicate the status of your PAN application. You should start tracking the PAN status after 24 hours after online application.


How to Apply for PAN Card

If you are yet to apply for a PAN card, you can download the application form online from the tin-nsdl or UTI portal. The form 49 A is used to apply for the PAN card. PAN card holders can also apply for any correction in the PAN card. In the case of theft and damage of the PAN card, citizens can apply for a duplicate PAN card. The PAN Card will be re-printed for you with the same number.

Applicants can apply for permanent account number through the UTI or e-Mudhra portal too. The status of these applications can be checked at the respective portals. Do follow us for more useful procedures related to PAN Card.