Facebook Lite APK Download for Android and iOS

Facebook lite is an advanced version of the popular social site Facebook. It shares your messages, images faster than ever before. It keeps you engaged with your friends and relatives to see what friends are up to. We have come with the Official facetime app link to download it in your android phone and tablets. The lite version of APK is free to download in your android devices. This is very useful application for the 2G network devices. This works smoothly in the slow network connection and even in the 2G and 3G connection.

Facebook lite

Facebook Lite Features

  • It uses less data for sharing your photos faster and uploads your comments on it.
  • It is the newest version uses less storage space.
  • It uploads the photos and videos faster than the old version.
  • It uses less data thereby saves money.
  • No worries you have unstable or 2G network, it works in all operating systems.
  • Facebook-mobile web interface gives you an uninterrupted fun of sharing photos and location.
  • You can operate two accounts at the same time.
  • Available to use in one single click.
  • Lightweight app very easy to operate.

About Facebook

  • Facebook is a popular social networking site connects the world.
  • You can share your important messages, photos and upload videos and share it with your Facebook friends.
  • Send friend’s request to your favorite friend.
  • You will immediately get notifications when your friend’s comments on your timeline.
  • Share your location with your friends.
  • Find your friends across the world.

How to Download Facebook Lite APK

Facebook Lite APK installs fast, works fast and run even in the old or new gadgets of android. For android users this is the best application to use. If you want to download this application into your smarpthone please use the scr pro 2 apk link given to you. Connect your device with the given APK link and you are done with it. There is no long process in it and you need not to spend any cost for it. This process uses less data and smoothly works on all operating systems, so go for it.