Smart Tips to Use Mobile Banking

Mobile banking

Mobile Banking Tips

If you want to know how to used mobile banking then read our articles. This is the guest post by Here you can get smart tips to use mobile banking.

Mobile phone nowadays is playing an important role in our daily life. With technological enhancement mobile phones took a new place be it buying daily groceries online, selling, shopping, but the most vital role it is playing in our daily banking need.

Most of the recognized national and private banks are offering mobile banking facilities. This helps to do banking from anywhere and everywhere you want to transfer money, to pay your utility bills, to pay someone instead of cash or cheque, moreover with mobile banking it is very easy to know your account balance. With the help of mobile banking you can pay ICICI credit card bill payment.

Mobile banking

But as we all know that the more the technology gets advanced there is a lot of risk involved in it, though all the banks have a layers of security still we need to apply our common sense and stay informed about the threats of mobile banking. Also we need to ensure certain basic safeguards to avoid any kind of misuse to be happened. There are some safety tips to be followed for smart use of Mobile Banking:

It is always advisable to install the application provided by bank through bank’s official website only and then access the account. You should avoid accessing banking via smartphone’s browser.

Mobile Banking App

The app downloaded should always be protected by a password or a numeric Pin no. should never use any obvious password like Date of Birth of any of your family members, or anniversary dates etc. it needs to be unique which can never be guessed easily. It is very important to change the password frequently.

Using public Wi-Fi networks for bank transactions can lead to a trouble also it is better to turn off the Bluetooth connection when not in use. These actually can help the eavesdroppers capturing your transaction and hacking your smartphone data.

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Updating the banking application is a must do whenever a new version is available. It is best to give permission to auto update the application as and when latest versions are released.

Automatic logins should be avoided, this may be very convenient but if it is in wrong hands can be very dangerous, also if in case of lost or stolen anyone can have access to all your bank details.

Bank send numeral messages which includes transaction messages, account balance and many a times one-time (OTP) for validating any transaction done online, all those should be cleared from mobile phone periodically.

It’s quite evident that banking through mobile is much easier and has gained popularity, hence there is a chance that it will break the boundaries and will come up with many more new features to make it easier in near future. But with convenience we the smart phone users have an added responsibility to keep the technology safe from being mishandled or misused.

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